All Humans Did Not Come From Adam and Eve

Despite the obvious facts, there are those universalists who insist all humans came from Adam and Eve.

Here are the facts:

1. Adam and Eve had two sons: Cain, fathered by the Seducer, the devil, and Abel.

2. Cain, a murderer from the beginning, slew Abel. If what the universalists claim is true, then that left only Adam, Eve and Cain.

3. Cain was concerned that “everyone that findeth me,” call them what you will, would slay him, as he had committed the first murder. He would be the only one on the Most Wanted List of that time. Cain, with the promise given him by Yahweh, that no one would touch him, then went out from the presence of Adam and Eve and married a wife and built a city.

12When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth.

13And Cain said unto the LORD, My punishment is greater than I can bear.

14Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me.

15And the LORD said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.

16And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.

17And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.

Where did this wife come from? Where did these people come from for which a city was built?

Some want us to believe that one the future daughters (after at least 130 years) of Adam and Eve married Cain, who in fact would have been the murderer of her brother. Does anyone truly believe that one of the sisters of Abel would marry and have the children of their brother’s murderer?

4. After Cain has children and builds this city, Scripture tells us that Adam and Eve had another son, Seth, but when they had lived 130 years, whose name means replacement, replacing Abel. Notice, at this time, there are no daughters. Daughters came later. Adam and Eve lived hundreds of years and many years after Genesis 4, they had other sons and daughters. But not before Cain left the presence of the Lord and settled east of Eden.

25And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.

26And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD.


Genesis 5 1This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him;

2Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.

3And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, and after his image; and called his name Seth:

And Seth is recorded has having a son, named Enos and not a daughter. So, where did all these women come from from which the cities were filled?

Obviously, there were “people” on the earth that were not derived from Adam and Eve. These non-Adamites are referred to as the “beasts of the field” and are the beasts with whom the fallen angels procreated with.

Denying this is like having your house destroyed by a tornado and standing in the rubble, you say there was no storm.

There are non-white races on the planet that were not the result of Yahweh’s doing. They are the results of a corruption of His Creation. Fallen angels procreating with those creatures resulted in what we have today as the non-white, non-Adamic races.

It is these races that the jews are pushing the whites to intermingle and interbred with, that is, race mix, which is fornication. Jude 7, 11, Galatians 5:19, Ephesians 5:3, 1 Thess. 4:3 and others. This race mixing – brought to its ultimate end, will destroy the white race.

This destruction of the white race is what is what the jews are pushing for when they promote multi-culturalism for the white race.

Another Race Mixing Commercial

Results of Race Mixing and Immigration

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