Flat Stone Teachers and Flat Stone Teaching

Flat Stone Teachers (FST) are those who skip over controversial passages / verses of Scripture, especially those that conflict with their current Weltanschauung.

Flat Stone Teaching is teaching starts with a favorite passage from which an entire sermon is based and that hops (no pun intended – this being “Easter Egg Sunday”) from that one favorite out-of-context passage to other out-of-context passages, passages that seem to support the Flat Stone Teacher’s currently held beliefs and teaching.

That is, unless one actually studies the passages in historical and biblical context and in the original – Hebrew and Greek – languages using several sources so as to conform to the Scriptural mandate of everything being supported by “two or three witnesses.”

Most of the audience – and they are audiences, as they attend the “church services” to be entertained by the music director’s entertainment program for that particular service – will not know or neither will they care if the teaching is as twisted as a pretzel – as long as their itching ears are scratched and the FST gets them back on their Lazy Boy, their remoted and their beer before the start of their next entertainment for the day – the in season Beasts and Their Ball Game. And as nary a week separates one season from another now, the church goer goes from one form of entertainment to another.

This entertainment system has the masses worshiping the doctrine of devils, the beasts / icons of the (football) fields and the doctrine of Baal. Meanwhile their entire culture is being destroyed and if and when they interrupt their entertainment cycle long enough to actually think about the destruction taking place around them, are completely clueless as to the cause.

The “pastor’s” flat stone teaching will keep the audience in a state of total ignorance for another week, until the next week’s Judeo-Christian, ie, Scofield/Darbyism/Baal doctrine of the jews being “God’s Chosen” and “diversity is our strength” universalism programming is delivered.

Bring up the fact that the FST skipped right over the verse or verses that contradict what the FST was teaching, and you’re immediately labeled a trouble maker, a division maker or worse. Nevermind that you can run circles around the FST and his flat stone teaching, no one wants to know what you think.

I actually had a “leader” of a particular church tell me

The points you make seem logical – when you start with your position on Gen 3 (:15) – but are so radically different from where I am at today that I’m not willing to simply “jump ship” so to speak and embrace them.

In other words, “how can you, even though the points you make seem logical, be right, when what you say is so radically different from what my FST teaches, and what I and everyone else believes?”

“Baaa baaa. I’m going to go with the sheeple, rather than what the Word of God says, because who are you among so many?”

Thank Yahweh that Noah, Joshua and Caleb, Jeremiah and all the rest did what Yahweh commanded them, rather than what everyone else was thinking should be done.

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2 Responses to Flat Stone Teachers and Flat Stone Teaching

  1. EDOMS THORN says:

    Hello, Son of JACOB

    I hope you are still actively working your blogs. I have just started one in the hope of reaching those that have bought the Scofields lies and those that have believed that the EDOMITES (JEWS) wrote the Bible and therefore have rejected the God of Abraham because of the behavior of those so called JEWS in the world!

    I found your site researching deeper into the Scofields Bible for an article I am working on.

    If you could find the time, I would certainly appreciate your opinion and input in regards to my endeavor! I am not a ‘scholar’ I just read the word of God and believed it was in fact the word of God, and found that what the world and PREACHER’S taught for truth was nothing less than ‘bull hockey’! I discovered in 1970 that America is of the House of Israel, and I have presented the evidence to to ‘Seminary Trained’ Preachers and they see it is the truth, but their pride cause’s them to become angry and ask what has that to do with saving souls’? as if they could not see the implications!

    At post some at infowars.com and most there are not believers or are fence sitters with out a clue.

    …”EDOM: THE STORY Of JACOB AND ESAU Is Not Just A Story”… is what I would like your input on. your site is very in-depth and I will look further into it and I AM linking to it!

    • EDOMS THORN says:

      I came back for more.

      Please remove my name. I don’t know what I was thinking posting it like that! LOL

      You said above;
      …“how can you, even though the points you make seem logical, be right, when what you say is so radically different from what my FST teaches, and what I and everyone else believes?”…

      IS that what; this is talking about?…’II Cor. 10:12 “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise,”
      In other words think for yourself!

      I will email you with some info about how I came to be Identity Truth.



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