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Whose Nation Are These United States, Anyway?

This missive is written with the experiences of having lived outside of these United States for almost 13 years. I’ve lived in four different countries and traveled in over 25. For several months I was the manager of the largest … Continue reading

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Swedish Racemixing State Propaganda From the YouTube video description with corrections below: “The government of Sweden paid for this video and is broadcasting it in Sweden and is promoting race mixing. It shows a woman having sex with a Negro while singing the … Continue reading

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>Anti-White Hollywood Brainwashing – The Woodsman

> Watch here also: Anti-white Hollywood Brainwashing

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>British National Party

>____________ This speech could just as well be given in every White Anglo-Saxon nation on the planet: __ __

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>More Anti-White Propaganda Found Here

>_______________________ Welcome! Plain and simple: document all anti-White , pro-miscegenation propaganda that appears in our daily lives. The end result: document how the elites and Marxists in charge are attempting to destroy the sanctity of White families, the power of … Continue reading

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>Another Black Men are Better Ad


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