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Male Cow Dung

Far too many people’s thinking and thus their opinions are nothing more than male cow dung. Everything they think they know was programmed into them by the “Chosen Ones.” To paraphrase a famous quote: “Your opinion is only as good … Continue reading

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>Shattering Consensus Reality About 9/11

>___________________________________________________________ Danish television is giving serious media exposure to the scientists who have found nano thermite in the dust of the World Trade towers, including the little known Building 7 that collapsed without being hit by a jetliner. ____________________________________________ ______________________________ … Continue reading

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>Consensus Reality

>____________________________________________ In this video, Jordan Maxwell explains the concept of Consensus Reality. [livevideo id=AB7EEDEBF7904127AF883BC25E77C418/510324/jordan-maxwell-cracking-the-.aspx] Jordan Maxwell – Cracking The Code Of Commerce & Law pt.2 ___________________ There are those who engage in the “consensus of reality” that is, “they have … Continue reading

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