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>President Nixon on All in the Family and Homosexuality

>____________________________________ A reader – responding to the Kerux Replies missive What’s With the Reptiles?, suggested this video of the Nixon tapes with him discussing how the Jewish media corrupts American morals and culture through television programing. This is one reason … Continue reading

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>What’s With the Reptiles?

>_______________________________________ Watch the black man in the white tights promoting a soft drink transform into a reptile during an expensive Super Bowl ad: _______________________________ _______________ There’s more being revealed here than most people realize. I categorize this under Significant News … Continue reading

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>US War Department Propaganda Film Against the Germans During Post – WWII

>_______________________________________________ Blatant in your face anti-German propaganda flim. Funny how we never saw this type of film in our public school history classes. _____________________ ____________________________

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>The United States Isn’t a Country – It’s a CORPORATION

>__________________________________________ Video says it all – been that way since 1871. ________________________________ _____________________

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>It’s the Stupidity, Stupid, Part V

>__________________________________ At least someone made money off the stupidity of the greedy Jewish Wall Street traders and other Ferrari driving Yale and Harvard MBA graduates who provided easy pickins’ for those like Andrew Lahde. “The low-hanging fruit, ie idiots whose … Continue reading

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>How to Destroy America

>_____________________________________________ Until a embeddable video is found, here is a link to a five minute video of a speech given by Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm’s speech at an immigration – overpopulation conference held in the City State of Washington … Continue reading

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>US Airways Flight 1549 Security Camera Tape Released

>________________________________________ Flight 1549 Security Tape Released A newly released security camera tape shows the emergency ditching of US Airways Flight 1549 in all its stunning drama — from seconds after the jetliner splashed into the frigid water until well after … Continue reading

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