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>Results of Race Mixing – Immigration

>________________ Asian Gang of Predators Abused and Raped Up to 100 Girls as Young as 12 Offensive Sears Ad Gone After Angry Whites Complain “A Sears commercial, which featured a black man repeatedly kissing a blonde white girl under mistletoe, … Continue reading

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>The Madness of a Lost Society

>___________________________________ ________________ Whites have become no better than the animals we see here rushing to buy junk made in China they don’t need with money they don’t have. We have fallen haven’t we? ___

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>Jim Corr of Ireland – Fights Back Against the International Jewish Bankers

>__________________________________________ ________

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>US Immigration by the Numbers – Off the Charts

  _______ Most of the immigrants are third worlders. Who is behind this immigration? Jews and Multiculturalism – Barbara Spectre ___

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>Proud to be White

>____________________ Some of our Anglo-Saxon brethren – the Irish. _________ Isn’t that red hair and those smiles beautiful? If you are a Caucasian, be proud of your heritage – we whites built this world. ___

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>Sexual Exploitation of Young White Children by the jews

>______________________________ Want to know why TSA is now strip searching young boys at airports? Here’s the answer – it’s becoming quite acceptable to abuse children, especially white children, in America. _______________________

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>What Happened to Personal Interaction?

>______________________________ Is the internet destroying personal interaction? With all the “social networks,” tweeting, texting, email, Skyping and Facebook, are we communicating less in the personal physical realm? Cafes used to be a place to go and sit at the counter … Continue reading

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