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What a Blessing, eh? for Blessing Israel

“I will bless them that bless thee. And curse him that curses thee.” Genesis 12:3 (Note: the (((jews))), despite the repeated lies of heretic John Hagee and the likes of Pat Robertson, et al,  are not the Israelites of the … Continue reading

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Are You Feeding on Milk or Solid Food?

One of the major reasons so many judeo-Christians are deceived is they suck and swallow milk, skipping over the difficult and oftentimes controversial passages of Scripture, the meat. Given the meat of the word, they choke. Solid food is avoided … Continue reading

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Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz Answer these questions either True or False. All mankind descended from Adam and Eve. True False 2. Eve and Adam’s sin, as explained in Genesis 3, was they ate of some forbidden fruit, typically portrayed as an apple. … Continue reading

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>Obama Lies Seven Times in Under Two Minutes

>________________________________ ________________ Anyone know what the record for lies per minute is? Barry Soetoro has got to be in the top five. ____

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>Swindling the Goyim

> This is how the Jewish bankers make so much money and then buy up the real assets of a nation. And yes, we should have a year of Jubilee and take everything back. Not only do the Jewish bankers … Continue reading

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