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>"Jews Totally Run Hollywood"

>__________________________________ says Joel Stein. But Stein is upset – “I have never been so upset by a poll in my life.” Why is Stein upset? Only 22 percent of Americans now believe, “the movie and television industries are pretty much … Continue reading

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>American Men Subservient to American Women

> Male bashing continues with J.C. Penny’s Beware of the Dog House video __________________________________ ___________________________ Message? Men are dorks, women are materialistic and meant to be kept happy by their men buying them jewelry. Any wonder why American women say … Continue reading

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>The Bible – Long Ignored by Americans. Maybe That’s Why They Are so Dumbed-Down

>_______________________________________________ Our Founding Fathers memorialized in the Declaration of Independence of our once great nation these words: “. . . endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights . . .” Unalienable means can not be taken away. But they … Continue reading

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>Male Bashing Misandric Videos

>_______________________ I’ve long noticed a theme running through most of the Jewish controlled media. The theme is “women are superior to men.” That misandric theme gets expanded into 1) men are dolts, but only white males, never Hispanics or blacks, … Continue reading

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>A Father’s Rights

>_____________________________________________ _________________________________________ A Father’s Rights See also Deadbeat Dad ___________________________

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>HIV/AIDS Epedemic Among American Blacks

>____________________________________ The health crisis among blacks – in all stages of HIV/AIDS — from infection with HIV to death with AIDS – is largely ignored by the Jewish controlled media in the United States. They don’t want us to know … Continue reading

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>Dear Matthew

>Dear Matthew, I tried to call you again. In October I spoke with your sister for a few minutes. I’m sure you’ve heard all about it. I tried to call you on your 17th birthday, March 16th. I couldn’t get … Continue reading

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