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>HIV/AIDS Epedemic Among American Blacks

>____________________________________ The health crisis among blacks – in all stages of HIV/AIDS — from infection with HIV to death with AIDS – is largely ignored by the Jewish controlled media in the United States. They don’t want us to know … Continue reading

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>Judge Alan Jaroslovsky’s Many Atrocities

>________________________________ “I have never, in the 12 years I have been on the bench, given a man back his business over the objection of his ex-wife.” __________________________________________________ Judge Alan Jaroslovsky US Federal Bankruptcy Judge Santa Rosa | Eureka California Is … Continue reading

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>Why Men Lose in Divorce

> Three main reasons exist why men lose in a divorce: – first and foremost, they are not women; second, the feminist movement in America and third; the bias, the outright discrimination in the American legal system against men. Men … Continue reading

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