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Governments Can Hate, But Its Citizens Can’t Hate Its Government

Ever notice how the jew media wants us Western European nominal Christian nations to hate Muslims/Arabs so the jews  can profit from war? At the same time, the jew media and Edomite jew controlled governments  are pushing diversity and the … Continue reading

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>Sticking Together is Acceptable for Everyone – Except Whites

__________________ Ethnic pandering, race identifying, and racist political ads: can you even imagine a white politician in Iowa, or say Montana, identifying with his white constituency like this Asian jew with a Korean wife does here? Any white politician who … Continue reading

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>David Duke: The Insanity of Christian Zionism

> No comment necessary. Duke says it all. I just happen to agree with him.

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>Jews Mock Crucifixion of Yahshua

>_________________________________ If this video was mocking the so-called jews – YouTube would pull this video in a heartbeat. Jewish hypocrisy knows no limits. ___________________ ___

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>Jewish Militia Training and the New York Times is Silent

>_____________________________ Always the victim, never deserving of any of the “persecution” they have received down through the millennia, jews are preparing to defend themselves, this time on American soil. Imagine if this was a non-jewish group, say Islamics, preparing for … Continue reading

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>Jews Destroying Europe Through Immigration

_______________ “Immigration is the future?” Not for the native population it isn’t. Immigrants and illegal aliens are destroying the host nations. Don’t see any immigration into Israel, do we? No sirreee. Only jews allowed in, while they murder the host … Continue reading

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>Hitch – Another Anti-White Hollywood Money Maker

> YouTube has a policy that promotes censorship. Here is how it works: An anonymous user can flag a YouTube video for “violation of the YouTube Community Guidlines.” There does not have to be an actually violation; just the flagging … Continue reading

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>Reply to "Resolve" at How Dare I

This missive is a reply to this plea: “So this is a plea for an explanation of how these two religions can survive in the same world. Resolve this one for me.”   Though I understand what Timster is trying … Continue reading

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>Useful Idiot Judeo-Christian Zionist Universalist Robertson is Clueless.

>________________________ Yes, Islamists are taking over France and other European nations. But who was the cause of this assault, this flood of non-natives into Western European nations? Robertson is silent on the perpetrators behind the unrest being created by the … Continue reading

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>Jew Maher Attacking White Males

>_______________ Listen to the Jew Bill Maher attack “American white males” at 1:25 into the video. “It’s about how pathetic white American males have become.”   ____________________________________ ______ Can you imagine a white comedian saying something like: “It’s about how … Continue reading

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