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>Reply to "Resolve" at How Dare I

This missive is a reply to this plea: “So this is a plea for an explanation of how these two religions can survive in the same world. Resolve this one for me.”   Though I understand what Timster is trying … Continue reading

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>Useful Idiot Judeo-Christian Zionist Universalist Robertson is Clueless.

>________________________ Yes, Islamists are taking over France and other European nations. But who was the cause of this assault, this flood of non-natives into Western European nations? Robertson is silent on the perpetrators behind the unrest being created by the … Continue reading

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>Jew Maher Attacking White Males

>_______________ Listen to the Jew Bill Maher attack “American white males” at 1:25 into the video. “It’s about how pathetic white American males have become.”   ____________________________________ ______ Can you imagine a white comedian saying something like: “It’s about how … Continue reading

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>Do as the Jews Say, Not as the Jews Do

>______________________________________________________ ________________ Click on image to enlarge. Notice anything peculiar about the above advertisement for the Braude College in Israel? Look at this Boston College advertisement: ______________ ______________ Or this American University advert: _____________ ________________ The jews push multiculturalism, diversity … Continue reading

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>Obama Lies Seven Times in Under Two Minutes

>________________________________ ________________ Anyone know what the record for lies per minute is? Barry Soetoro has got to be in the top five. ____

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>Israeli Flagday on Wilshire 2008

>________________________________________________ ____________________ Zionists care only about one nation, theirs.

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>Inauguration Gala – $150 Million

>______________________________________________ US job losses hit record in 2008 Inauguration Gala – $150 Million Sharp decline in US retail sales Inauguration Gala – $150 Million Economic Crisis Hits Exports Inauguration Gala – $150 Million Many jobless find they’re not eligible for … Continue reading

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