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>Helen Thomas Forced to Resign for Speaking Out Against Zionist Occupation

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>Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates

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>Israel Attacks the USS Liberty June 8, 1967

>_____________________ The Israeli attack against the U.S.S. Liberty happened when I was a freshman in high school, June 1967. Why is it we were taught “Remember the Maine,” the prelude to the so-called “Spanish American War,” but did not hear … Continue reading

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>Biblical Passages "Christians" Like to Ignore

>______________________________ Most “Christians” like to pick and choose what Scripture verses they quote. One of the most famous is John 3:16. Most can quote it verbatim by heart: For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten … Continue reading

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>Israel, Palestine and the U.S. Congress

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>Were the Japanese Descendants of One of the Lost Tribes of Israel?

For those interested in further study of this topic, highly recommended is Steven M. Collins books related to the “lost tribes of Israel” and can be found at Steven M. Collins Mr. Collins also has an article wherein which he … Continue reading

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>Make a Video – Go to Jail?

>__________________________________ This Australian reporter faces 14 years for making this video. Guess which group of people the video is about? ________________________ ___________________________________ “It’s time for the Christians to get off their fat backsides, out of the churches and into the … Continue reading

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>WWII Jewish Survivor Cavity Searched by Israel Security

>______________________________________ Everyone is a terrorist.

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>Israeli Flagday on Wilshire 2008

>________________________________________________ ____________________ Zionists care only about one nation, theirs.

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>Israeli Jews Welcome an American

>_____________________________________________ The fellow in the video is duped regarding bin Laden, but the rest of the video, in my opinion, shows the “real” Israeli Jews most Americans never see because the Jewish controlled mainstream media filters out anything anti-Israeli. Americans … Continue reading

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