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>David Duke: The Insanity of Christian Zionism

> No comment necessary. Duke says it all. I just happen to agree with him.

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>GLBT Jewish Culture & Spirituality

>___________________ “Reclaiming Judaism as Queer People” “Being queer, or especially being trans (gender) and maybe especially being queer and also being trans ….” ________________ ____

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>More Anti-White Propaganda Found Here

>_______________________ Welcome! Plain and simple: document all anti-White , pro-miscegenation propaganda that appears in our daily lives. The end result: document how the elites and Marxists in charge are attempting to destroy the sanctity of White families, the power of … Continue reading

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>Who is Destroying Our Culture, Our People?

>_________________________ The creator of this video doesn’t mention any names – but the people involved in the Frankfurt School were predominately jewish. Kevin MacDonald goes into great detail about the jewish involvement in the Frankfurt School in his book, The … Continue reading

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>Rewarding the Unprofitable Servants

>_____________________________________ Jesus Christ is undoubtedly, among many other attributes, history’s most influential teacher. He is unmatched in the use of parables as a means of instruction. Most educated people today have at least heard of the Parable of the Talents … Continue reading

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>Swindling the Goyim

> This is how the Jewish bankers make so much money and then buy up the real assets of a nation. And yes, we should have a year of Jubilee and take everything back. Not only do the Jewish bankers … Continue reading

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