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>Oath Keepers…Guardians of the Republic

>___________________________________________ Encouraging to see some of the US military come out publicly stating it is their duty to obey and fulfill their oath to the US Constitution and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Here is a short 2 minute … Continue reading

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>Check Point Check

>______________________________________________ Video is 28 minutes – and records how border partrol agents treat this particular American when he is stopped at a check point and refuses to let border patrol agents search his car without a search warrant. The person … Continue reading

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>What Ever Happened to "Question Authority?"

>__________________________________________ Back in the late 1970s, the slogan, attributed to Timothy Leary of LSD use fame, Question Authority, was popular. This was during the time of costly government plunders in Southeast Asia – Vietnam – and with the economy – … Continue reading

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