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Universalists and Cognitive Dissonance

Have you ever notice how universalists can’t help but change the topic when confronted with Scriptural facts which contradict their beliefs? When universalists run smack dab into facts contrary to their cherished beliefs, like Yahweh’s promise to Abraham concerned physical … Continue reading

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>Sticking Together is Acceptable for Everyone – Except Whites

__________________ Ethnic pandering, race identifying, and racist political ads: can you even imagine a white politician in Iowa, or say Montana, identifying with his white constituency like this Asian jew with a Korean wife does here? Any white politician who … Continue reading

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>Another Race Mixing Commercial

>________________________________ ______________ In reality, how many black men, other than professional athletes and entertainers, live in homes like the one depicted here? The reality is, most blacks live in poverty. Notice also, it’s the white woman who is giving the … Continue reading

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>White Accomplishment

>__________________________________ ________

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