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>Creepy Little White Girl

>_______________________________________ Imagine if you will, and it will take your imagination, because it is something you will never see on jew controlled media, a skit called “Creepy Little Wetback Girl.” Or, “Creepy Little Jewess.” But here we have it folks, … Continue reading

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>What France Has Become

>____________________________ What multiculturalism has done to France. At about 3:15 in, watch, if you will, a white lady get sexually assaulted right on the square by a pack of blacks. ________________ ___________________ Over in Germany, Zionist Merkel, now that her … Continue reading

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>Pat Buchanan: America is Breaking Up Over Ethnicity

>_____________________________________ As the borders break down, the nation is breaking apart – into enclaves of different races, different cultures, different ethnic backgrounds. __________________________________ ____________________ In 1971, my high school in Southern California was 99% white. I recently checked today’s … Continue reading

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