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>Another French Revolution? French Withdrawing Money From Banks

>_____________________ No need for street demonstrations. No need for placards. No need for guns. Simply withdraw what funds you have from the banks. International jewry is built up around their banking system. Notice I said, their banking system. We can … Continue reading

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>The Banksters Are Robbing Americans Blind

>________________________________________________ But no sheriff is to be seen. Why is it “law enforcement” is for us average Americans, but there no law enforcement for the too big to fail banksters? Joe or Sally Sixpack goes over the speed limit by … Continue reading

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>A Second American Revolution is Needed

>_____________________ Not enough of this type of “common sense” talk: ______________________________________ ____

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>We Do Have Power Over Our Abusive Masters

>_____________________________________ ________________________________

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>Oath Keepers…Guardians of the Republic

>___________________________________________ Encouraging to see some of the US military come out publicly stating it is their duty to obey and fulfill their oath to the US Constitution and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Here is a short 2 minute … Continue reading

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>Check Point Check

>______________________________________________ Video is 28 minutes – and records how border partrol agents treat this particular American when he is stopped at a check point and refuses to let border patrol agents search his car without a search warrant. The person … Continue reading

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>The Making of a Modern Day American Revolutionary

>____________________________________ Becoming a revolutionary – someone willing to use any means necessary – including violence – to change an established form of government that has become destructive to his liberty – is not an act done for “light and transient” … Continue reading

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