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>World Conquest Explained in Ten Minutes

>________________________________ ________________

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>All These TSA Scans and Pat Downs are Male Cow Dung – Here’s the Evidence

>_____________________________________ Watch as this bitch Napolitano lies through her teeth. She – along with Michael Chertoff – he profits from the scanners – needs to be tried and then hanged for treason. But let’s make sure we waterboard them first, … Continue reading

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>F.A.S.T – Future Attribute Screening Technology

>_______________________ Like I said previously, train stations, bus terminals and malls are next for the TSA screening. ________________________________________________ ________

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>Random Thoughts About Rights vs. Privileges

>______ If the extremist Muslims “hate our freedoms” and are a “determined enemy” as the head of the Transportation Security Administration Pistole says then why aren’t any of the thousands of American workers and tourists in the Middle East, who … Continue reading

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>"You Never Want a Serious Crisis to Go to Waste"

>_____________________________ The words of Rahm Emanuel, Barry Soetoro’s Chief of Staff, right from the horse’s mouth: __________________________________________________ ________________________ What are those “things you think you could not do before?” Boys and girls, we are about to find out. _____

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>Israel Attacks the USS Liberty June 8, 1967

>_____________________ The Israeli attack against the U.S.S. Liberty happened when I was a freshman in high school, June 1967. Why is it we were taught “Remember the Maine,” the prelude to the so-called “Spanish American War,” but did not hear … Continue reading

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>Charles Lindbergh 1941 – Same Tactics in 2009

>_____________________________ ________________ Lindbergh tells us the steps the FDR Administration used to drag the United States into World War II. America’s leaders use the same tactics to get the American people into unnecessary wars over and over. Pearl Harbor happened … Continue reading

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