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Are You an Israelite Sheep or a Judeo-Christian Sheeple?

      There are well over four dozen references to sheep found in the Old Covenant (Old Testament or OT) and the New Covenant (New Testament or NT) Scriptures. What is one characteristic of sheep? Sheep follow each other. … Continue reading

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>Scofield’s False Teaching in Matthew 25

False teachings, deliberate mis-leadings and other guile are found throughout the Scofield Reference Bible. For a backdrop to this missive, other Kerux Replies has gone into more detail as to the background of Cyrus I. Scofield and his Zionist reference … Continue reading

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>Was Abraham or Moses a Jew?

Much confusion exists surrounding Abraham, Moses and the Jews. Much of that confusion exists because of the Scofield Reference Bible first published in 1909, used by many evangelical Christians in the US and elsewhere, for the last 100 years. Most … Continue reading

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