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>David Duke: The Insanity of Christian Zionism

> No comment necessary. Duke says it all. I just happen to agree with him.

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>Listen to Joe LIEberman Lie Lie Lie About 9/11

>____________________ There used to be a video available on YouTube that showed LIEberman lying like a tired old dog on a soft rug. It’s been removed. This people just don’t want us to see what it is they are doing … Continue reading

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>World Conquest Explained in Ten Minutes

>________________________________ ________________

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>All These TSA Scans and Pat Downs are Male Cow Dung – Here’s the Evidence

>_____________________________________ Watch as this bitch Napolitano lies through her teeth. She – along with Michael Chertoff – he profits from the scanners – needs to be tried and then hanged for treason. But let’s make sure we waterboard them first, … Continue reading

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>Helen Thomas Forced to Resign for Speaking Out Against Zionist Occupation

>________________________ ____

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>Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates

>______________________________ ___________________ Full size

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>Israel Zionists Teach Course on Editing Wikipedia

>_______________________________ Israeli Zionists teach course on editing Wikipedia – Watch more Videos at Vodpod. ______________________

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>Truth About Zionist Jews and the Talmud

>_________________________ __________________

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>Do as the Jews Say, Not as the Jews Do

>______________________________________________________ ________________ Click on image to enlarge. Notice anything peculiar about the above advertisement for the Braude College in Israel? Look at this Boston College advertisement: ______________ ______________ Or this American University advert: _____________ ________________ The jews push multiculturalism, diversity … Continue reading

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>Ahmadinejad Greeted by Anti-Zionist Jews in New York

>___________________________________ What the jew controlled media doesn’t show us: _________________________ _______________

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