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>Truth About Zionist Jews and the Talmud

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>Do as the Jews Say, Not as the Jews Do

>______________________________________________________ ________________ Click on image to enlarge. Notice anything peculiar about the above advertisement for the Braude College in Israel? Look at this Boston College advertisement: ______________ ______________ Or this American University advert: _____________ ________________ The jews push multiculturalism, diversity … Continue reading

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>Ahmadinejad Greeted by Anti-Zionist Jews in New York

>___________________________________ What the jew controlled media doesn’t show us: _________________________ _______________

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>Open Letter to Chuck Baldwin

Mr. Chuck Baldwin, I’ve been reading your published thoughts since the mid-1980s, when you were a columnist in the Conservative Chronicle. So, I found it interesting that you and your family are moving to Kalispell, Montana. Your purpose, as you … Continue reading

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>Israel Attacks the USS Liberty June 8, 1967

>_____________________ The Israeli attack against the U.S.S. Liberty happened when I was a freshman in high school, June 1967. Why is it we were taught “Remember the Maine,” the prelude to the so-called “Spanish American War,” but did not hear … Continue reading

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>Scofield Reference Bible Deception

I’ve had basically one bible my entire Christian life, over 35 years. I’ve spent countless hours reading it, studying it, making notes in the margins, teaching from it and “thumping” people on the head with it. And yet, no book … Continue reading

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>Israel, Palestine and the U.S. Congress

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