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>All These TSA Scans and Pat Downs are Male Cow Dung – Here’s the Evidence

>_____________________________________ Watch as this bitch Napolitano lies through her teeth. She – along with Michael Chertoff – he profits from the scanners – needs to be tried and then hanged for treason. But let’s make sure we waterboard them first, … Continue reading

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>F.A.S.T – Future Attribute Screening Technology

>_______________________ Like I said previously, train stations, bus terminals and malls are next for the TSA screening. ________________________________________________ ________

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>Random Thoughts About Rights vs. Privileges

>______ If the extremist Muslims “hate our freedoms” and are a “determined enemy” as the head of the Transportation Security Administration Pistole says then why aren’t any of the thousands of American workers and tourists in the Middle East, who … Continue reading

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