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Whose Nation Are These United States, Anyway?

This missive is written with the experiences of having lived outside of these United States for almost 13 years. I’ve lived in four different countries and traveled in over 25. For several months I was the manager of the largest … Continue reading

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>Jews Destroying Europe Through Immigration

_______________ “Immigration is the future?” Not for the native population it isn’t. Immigrants and illegal aliens are destroying the host nations. Don’t see any immigration into Israel, do we? No sirreee. Only jews allowed in, while they murder the host … Continue reading

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>Reply to "Resolve" at How Dare I

This missive is a reply to this plea: “So this is a plea for an explanation of how these two religions can survive in the same world. Resolve this one for me.”   Though I understand what Timster is trying … Continue reading

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>Results of Race Mixing – Immigration

>________________ Asian Gang of Predators Abused and Raped Up to 100 Girls as Young as 12 Offensive Sears Ad Gone After Angry Whites Complain “A Sears commercial, which featured a black man repeatedly kissing a blonde white girl under mistletoe, … Continue reading

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>US Immigration by the Numbers – Off the Charts

  _______ Most of the immigrants are third worlders. Who is behind this immigration? Jews and Multiculturalism – Barbara Spectre ___

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>Useful Idiot Judeo-Christian Zionist Universalist Robertson is Clueless.

>________________________ Yes, Islamists are taking over France and other European nations. But who was the cause of this assault, this flood of non-natives into Western European nations? Robertson is silent on the perpetrators behind the unrest being created by the … Continue reading

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>What France Has Become

>____________________________ What multiculturalism has done to France. At about 3:15 in, watch, if you will, a white lady get sexually assaulted right on the square by a pack of blacks. ________________ ___________________ Over in Germany, Zionist Merkel, now that her … Continue reading

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>Pat Buchanan: America is Breaking Up Over Ethnicity

>_____________________________________ As the borders break down, the nation is breaking apart – into enclaves of different races, different cultures, different ethnic backgrounds. __________________________________ ____________________ In 1971, my high school in Southern California was 99% white. I recently checked today’s … Continue reading

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>The Music of Carl Klang

>______________________________________ From his Extremist Too CD. “Get a Grip on Immigration” _____________________ ___________________

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>When the Darkness Falls

>__________________________________________ Must see video for all racially aware white people. “A politically incorrect journey through time.” __________________________________ When The Darkness Falls from Jason on Vimeo. _______________

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