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>Jews Destroying Europe Through Immigration

_______________ “Immigration is the future?” Not for the native population it isn’t. Immigrants and illegal aliens are destroying the host nations. Don’t see any immigration into Israel, do we? No sirreee. Only jews allowed in, while they murder the host … Continue reading

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>Enmity Between the Two Seedlines Explains Much of History

For those of you who believe the Bible is the Word of God, understanding Genesis 3:15 is, IMO, the key to understanding history. For those of you who don’t believe the Bible is the Word of God, well, you can … Continue reading

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>The Origin of Dual Seedline Christian Identity

>_______________ The origin of the two seed lines, Adamic and Satanic, is found in the book of Genesis. And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for … Continue reading

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>Watch as Whites Are Subtly Drawn into Their Own Destruction


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>Hitch – Another Anti-White Hollywood Money Maker

> YouTube has a policy that promotes censorship. Here is how it works: An anonymous user can flag a YouTube video for “violation of the YouTube Community Guidlines.” There does not have to be an actually violation; just the flagging … Continue reading

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>Anti-White Hollywood Brainwashing – The Woodsman

> Watch here also: Anti-white Hollywood Brainwashing

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>Sarkozy Admits Multiculturalism is a Failure

>________________ After pushing multiculturalism for years on the unwilling French, jewish Sarkozy admits multiculturalism “is clearly, yes, a failure.” He joins Angela Merkel of Germany – multiculturalism has “”utterly failed;”and David Cameron of the UK – who said multiculturalism favored … Continue reading

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>GLBT Jewish Culture & Spirituality

>___________________ “Reclaiming Judaism as Queer People” “Being queer, or especially being trans (gender) and maybe especially being queer and also being trans ….” ________________ ____

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>British National Party

>____________ This speech could just as well be given in every White Anglo-Saxon nation on the planet: __ __

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>White States Have Lowest Unemployment

>_______________________ CNBC, nor any other jewish controlled MSM, will provide details behind the news that does not support their destroy white America agenda. But here is one detail Israel Identity adherents are most likely already familiar with: the states of … Continue reading

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