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>All These TSA Scans and Pat Downs are Male Cow Dung – Here’s the Evidence

>_____________________________________ Watch as this bitch Napolitano lies through her teeth. She – along with Michael Chertoff – he profits from the scanners – needs to be tried and then hanged for treason. But let’s make sure we waterboard them first, … Continue reading

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>Israel Attacks the USS Liberty June 8, 1967

>_____________________ The Israeli attack against the U.S.S. Liberty happened when I was a freshman in high school, June 1967. Why is it we were taught “Remember the Maine,” the prelude to the so-called “Spanish American War,” but did not hear … Continue reading

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>Charles Lindbergh 1941 – Same Tactics in 2009

>_____________________________ ________________ Lindbergh tells us the steps the FDR Administration used to drag the United States into World War II. America’s leaders use the same tactics to get the American people into unnecessary wars over and over. Pearl Harbor happened … Continue reading

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>Preventive Detention

>__________________________________ Some of that change Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama was talking about is coming in the form of Preventive Detention. What is “preventive detention” you ask? “A system that would establish a legal basis for the United States to … Continue reading

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>Nothing’s Changed?

>___________________________________________ During one of my recent travels I met a young American college graduate in his early 20s. He was from a small town not too far from where I’m from. We carried on a conversation for a while and … Continue reading

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>The Making of a Modern Day American Revolutionary

>____________________________________ Becoming a revolutionary – someone willing to use any means necessary – including violence – to change an established form of government that has become destructive to his liberty – is not an act done for “light and transient” … Continue reading

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>The United States Isn’t a Country – It’s a CORPORATION

>__________________________________________ Video says it all – been that way since 1871. ________________________________ _____________________

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>How to Destroy America

>_____________________________________________ Until a embeddable video is found, here is a link to a five minute video of a speech given by Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm’s speech at an immigration – overpopulation conference held in the City State of Washington … Continue reading

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>What a Real American President Would Have Done

>______________________________________________ A real American president would have – immediately after being sworn in – ordered the arrest of both Bush and Cheney for war and many other crimes, had them jailed w/o bail and water boarded them until Bush and … Continue reading

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>What Exactly IS a Natural Born Citizen

>____________________________________ ______________________________ Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen, and thus, not eligible to be president. That is what the U.S. Constitution states. The Constitution is the supreme law of the United States. Either the Constitution … Continue reading

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