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>Helen Thomas Forced to Resign for Speaking Out Against Zionist Occupation

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>Creepy Little White Girl

>_______________________________________ Imagine if you will, and it will take your imagination, because it is something you will never see on jew controlled media, a skit called “Creepy Little Wetback Girl.” Or, “Creepy Little Jewess.” But here we have it folks, … Continue reading

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>Jew Maher Attacking White Males

>_______________ Listen to the Jew Bill Maher attack “American white males” at 1:25 into the video. “It’s about how pathetic white American males have become.”   ____________________________________ ______ Can you imagine a white comedian saying something like: “It’s about how … Continue reading

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>How Israel Controls the Media

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>Going on Record the Day Before the US Election

>_________________________________________________ Barack Obama is the most diabolical candidate for president I have seen in my lifetime. He makes the Nixon of Watergate, the first election I voted, appear to be angelic. Obama is a demagogue for the dumbed-down lemmings unable … Continue reading

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